Jake Paul vow to end Fury’s career if they fight

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Jake Paul has vow to end the career of Tommy Fury if they fight after past attempts failed.

American boxer Jake Paul has claims to end the career of Tommy Fury if the Brit fight him insists his rival won’t be able to walk outside anymore.

Fury has pulled out of fight against Paul twice after both boxers signed for a celebrity grudge match.

It is still not certain if the youtuber turned boxer will try to lure Fury into fighting him again.

the American warned Fury dodged a bullet and would be better off trading insults opposed to punches.

Paul said: “Look, it will be the last payday of his life, from boxing at least.

“He would quit boxing after that or at least he should. I’m going to turn him into a meme if we ever fight, literally a crazy meme.

“Like this guy is not going to be able to walk outside anymore. So, it’s actually probably smarter for him not to fight me.”

Paul, 25, was 4-0 when he first agreed to face Fury, 23, in December.

He had beat YouTuber “AnEsonGib”, ex-NBA player Nate Robinson, 38, as well as former UFC pair Ben Askren, 38, and Tyron Woodley, 40.

But Fury pulled out with a broken rib suffered in training and Paul went on to knock out ex-UFC champion Woodley in a rematch.

The pair tried to fight in August but a US visa issue saw the brother of heavyweight king Tyson withdraw from the fight again.

Meanwhile, Fury is yet to fight since defeating Daniel Bocianski on points in April.

Paul said: “At the end of the day, he’s ducking me so I don’t know what this guy’s angle is.

“I think he wants to just gain popularity and fight scrubs, because he knows he can make like £100,000 every time he fights against these scrubs.

“So if he gains more popularity, the longer that gig can last for him.”



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