John Stones has drawn comparisons to Franz Beckenbauer

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John Stones, the Manchester City star, has drawn comparisons to German legend Franz Beckenbauer due to his seamless transition from center-back to defensive midfielder. The likening comes from Ally McCoist.

John Stones’ transition from center-back to defensive midfielder has certainly been impressive, and comparisons to the legendary Franz Beckenbauer highlight the recognition he has received for his performances.

However, it is important to note that such comparisons should be taken with caution and are often subjective in nature.

Franz Beckenbauer is widely regarded as one of the greatest footballers of all time. He was a versatile player who excelled as a central defender and a midfielder.

Beckenbauer’s ability to read the game, his elegance on the ball, and his influence in dictating play from deep positions made him a unique talent.

Ally McCoist, who said on the Sports Breakfast: “I ain’t for a minute getting into the camp where he’s [Stones] as good as Franz Beckenbauer, but that would be the one player, because Beckenbauer was a tremendous player.


“He could play centre-back, he could step up into the middle of the park, so maybe you make a slight comparison there.


“I have loved the new role and the new John Stones, he looks so comfortable stepping in there into that position in the middle of the park.


“He’s not even just sitting there in the middle of the park, forward positions in the middle of the park as well.


“The first one I saw do it was [Joao] Cancelo on the left-hand side, he would go and do it, and then Rico Lewis would do it, but I think John Stones is the first centre-back I’ve seen do it so well.


“He’s been brilliant, it’s been a joy to see.”



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