Anthony Joshua: One of my strengths is my power

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Anthony Joshua claims he missed the days of cutting fighter’s faces as he says one of his strengths is his power.

Former heavyweight champions Anthony Joshua claims that one of his strengths is his power as he says he miss the days of cutting people’s faces.

Joshua is set for the rematch against Ukrainian boxer Oleksandr Usyk who won the first fight through unanimous decision.

The 32-years-old will be bidding to reclaim his WBA, IBF and WBO heavyweight title belts when he faces Usyk , on Aug. 20 as none of fighter has competed since Usyk’s  victory in Tottenham last time.

Despite earning a comfortable victory, Usyk sustained a deep cut above his right eye late in that fight, which Joshua seemed to take pleasure inflicting.

“His [Usyk’s] hairstyle is different, and he’s got a slice scar on his eye,” Joshua said at a news conference on Wednesday.

“I was thinking back, I cut up a few people’s faces: Paul Butlin, Usyk, I split [Kubrat] Pulev’s lip.

“I just grazed [Andy] Ruiz, he doesn’t count because I mean properly smashing faces in. I like that stuff, I never had a style, I just adapted.

“One of my strengths was my power but I always wanted to go down that path of being a clean boxer, ‘hit and not get hit, especially if I want to have a long and successful career.

“You need to have a good defence but I moved away from the ferocious side of boxing where I knew I could hit and stun people. And I do miss the days of slicing people’s faces open and hurting them, for sure. So I am looking forward to getting back to that.”

Joshua stated that he believed he was beating Usyk during their first match in September, which Usyk won unanimously on the judge’s scores.

“I swear I thought I was [winning the fight.] I thought I was looking like Muhammad Ali in there,” Joshua said.

“Throughout the fight, I thought I was winning but at that stage, I kind of knew it was close. I thought at that stage I was well in the fight because it didn’t seem like there was any real communication as to where I’m at. Like: ‘You’re losing this fight… you’re down by two rounds.’ I didn’t get that.

“I’m not blaming anyone by saying that but I didn’t get any impression that I was losing the fight. I thought we were well in it. That’s why when they announced the name I was kind of like: ‘Huh?’

“It was all just ‘that’s it, keep on going.’ So I was jabbing and jabbing. It was hard to accept afterwards. Now when I watch it back I think he won by three rounds, that’s probably from the 9th onwards.”



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