Jurgen Klopp attitude towards cup questioned

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Jurgen Klopp attitude towards cup has been questioned after making changes in the team selection.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp have been questioned about his attitude towards cup ahead of their FA cup tie against Nottingham Forest.

The German won the Carabao cup after an intense game with Premier League side Chelsea which was settled with a penalty shootout.

Klopp who was surprised about the questions says no one ever asked about his attitude but rather they ask about his technical ability.

He further stated that his history in the German League he lost major cup final and still his attitude towards it doesn’t change.

He claims when players are available for selection for all competitions then they will be selected but if not changes will be made.

“It’s actually the first time someone questioned my attitude,” Klopp said ahead of their FA cup match, usually they question my technical abilities and stuff like this, but never question my attitude.

“I didn’t change, not at all. If you look at my German history, most of the finals I lost, it’s a big number, I lost in the German cup final. So, obviously, when you have the players available for both competitions in this case, or three competitions then it’s OK, then you can do it. If not, you have to make changes. Then people think: why is he doing that?

“Because we come back to the point with all my knowledge, I ask the players for an awful lot until a specific point, then take them out, because even if they want [to play], they should not be in the situation that they have to deliver again. That’s it. That’s why we had changes.

“I’ve said before, it’s not always that we’ve been unlucky, but we had not the best draw as well. It’s not that we thought, ‘Oh, let’s go to Chelsea away, [and] play [Manchester] United away’ or stuff like this. It’s not exactly what you wanted, or Chelsea at home in a situation where we didn’t have the players, and stuff like this. So, no, [my] attitude didn’t change. I always wanted to go to Wembley, it just didn’t happen.”



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