Justin Kluivert unhappy at Roma

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Dutch winger Justin Kluivert has openly expressed his dissatisfaction with his career at Roma, stating that it hasn’t progressed as he had envisioned.

Justin Kluivert, the talented Dutch winger, recently expressed his dissatisfaction with his career at Roma, stating that it did not unfold as he had envisioned.

During an interview with Dutch TV channel Ziggo Sport, the 24-year-old admitted that after experiencing rapid success at a young age with Ajax, his ambition was to spend two years at Roma before making a move to Real Madrid. However, his career path took a different trajectory.

Instead of progressing as planned, Kluivert completed two full seasons in Italy before being loaned out to RB Leipzig in Germany, Nice in France, and Valencia in Spain [pictured below].

It is evident that Kluivert is disappointed that his career did not unfold in the manner he had hoped for.

“In retrospect I would have liked to have stayed at Ajax,” he said.

“Everything happened so quickly. All of a sudden I had an agent. Money became a topic and all of a sudden many offers came on the table.

“My goal was to go to Barcelona or Madrid. I was nineteen when I left and I thought: ‘I stay at Roma for two years and then I go to Madrid’.

“I was supposed to go to Madrid, but it didn’t happen. I saw Roma as an intermediate step, but since then I’ve seen the other side of football.”


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