Marcus Rashford Unfazed by Criticism, Fully Committed to England National Team

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Marcus Rashford has made it clear that he is wholeheartedly devoted to representing England and remains unfazed by any criticisms or doubts raised about his loyalty to the national team.

Despite facing criticism and questioning his dedication to the national team, Marcus Rashford remains fully committed to England. As he prepares for the Euro 2024 qualifiers against Malta and North Macedonia, the 25-year-old forward has made it clear that he is unfazed by the opinions of onlookers.

Rashford had previously withdrawn from the March meet-up due to injury, and his track record of pulling out from camps has sparked discussions in the past.

One incident that caused debate was Rashford’s decision to travel to New York while England secured a 2-1 victory in their Group C opener against Italy.

However, manager Gareth Southgate came to the defense of the player, emphasizing the understanding behind the decision. Rashford, in turn, expressed his indifference towards the critical voices that arose from the situation.

As the Manchester United star gears up for the upcoming qualifiers, he remains resolute in his commitment to the national team.

Rashford’s determination to represent England is unwavering, and he remains focused on contributing his skills and talent to the squad’s success. Regardless of any scrutiny he may face, Rashford’s dedication remains steadfast, demonstrating his unwavering loyalty to England and his unwavering desire to help the team achieve their goals.

“I didn’t see it, to be honest with you,” Rashford said. “I didn’t see it until I got home.

“I need time to switch off and recover, so I took a short trip, four days, then went back to do rehab and just try and get ready as soon as possible.

“With injuries, you can’t predict when they’re going to happen.

“Thankfully I have very few muscle strains and them type of injuries, but occasionally you do get impact injuries. The majority of my injuries have been that.”


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