Harry Kane urge to leave Tottenham for Manchester United

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Gabby Abgonlahor has urge Tottenham forward Harry Kane to leave current club for Manchester United if they can get a proper manager as he added that he doesn’t rate PSG manager Mauricio Pochettino.

Former Aston Villa striker Gabby Abgonlahor has urge Tottenham forward Harry Kane to leave Spurs for Manchester City or Manchester United.

Kane will have another season without winning a trophy and is still yet to win something during his career despite his effort.

The England international was wanted by Manchester City before the beginning of this season but the deal didn’t go through.

Gabby Abgonlahor said: “You’ve got to go. The joke’s over now. He’s given them so much, Harry Kane. This season he’s stayed and they are nowhere near winning a trophy, nowhere near getting top four.”

Age is not on the Kane’s side and Abgonlahor believes he would be one of the players to have flourish at big clubs but didn’t go.

The former footballer stated that if he was the one he would go to City or probably United if they get a proper manager.

“He’s going to be 30 before you know it and be one of those players that should have went to a big club, but stayed at Spurs.

“If I was him, I’d 100 per cent got to Man City, that’s if they still want him though as Haaland is available in the summer.

“If Manchester United can get the proper manager in then go to Manchester United.”

Abgonlahor also frowned at the speculation going on about Manchester United getting PSG manager Mauricio Pochettino.

He stated that he doesn’t rate the former Tottenham manager as he was unable to utilize the strong squad at PSG.

The French team crashed out of the Champions League despite having a 2 goals lead against Real Madrid in the return leg of the competition.

“It’s not Pochettino though, I don’t understand why people keep saying that. Look at the squad of players he’s got at PSG and they are nowhere near the Champions League.
“I don’t see him coming to Manchester United. No, I don’t rate him.”



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