Klopp focused on winning games rather than chasing City

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Jurgen Klopp has stated that he is focused on winning games in the League rather than chasing League leaders Manchester City for title race.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp claims his side are focused on winning their game rather than chasing City in the Premier League.

The Reds closed the gap between themselves and City after defeating Leeds United 6-0 in the Premier League.

The title race is now open but Klopp believes that just need to focus on getting their points rather than chasing City.

Asked about title race with City Klopp said: “Honestly, we don’t chase City; we try to win our football games. The thing is now we have obviously the cup final at the weekend and City play, I don’t know exactly who, but they might probably win this game then it is six points again before we play the next Premier League game.

“ I am not sure then if we play the next game after them or before them, [but] it might be nine points all of a sudden, so we don’t have to count these kind of things. We just have to win our football games. Do we do that front-footed? Yes, but as much as I love the goals we scored tonight, I loved the clean sheet because everything we do is based on a top-organised defensive performance. Without that we are just a good football team, but with that we can be a successful football team.”

Th German further stated that he love the commitment his side is showing in game but insists they need to stay really focused.

“I like the determination we showed again tonight for defending, the commitment of the boys. It is an interesting period, definitely – an interesting period of the season coming up. Now we play the final, then FA Cup, then West Ham, so nobody should count the points before we play them because we lost the game there, so there is obviously, as we say, an open bill.

“We have to clarify something, but that is in 10 days or so and so many things can happen until then. We just have to stay really focused on: go for it with all we have.”



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