Klopp: Not disappointed with Newcastle win

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Jurgen Klopp has stated that he is not disappointed with Newcastle United victory over Brighton as the Reds continue to hope for too 4.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp claims he is not disappointed the Magpies win their game against Brighton last night.

The Reds hope for a top four finish this season as they wait for a slip from Manchester United and Newcastle.

Klopp who prepare to face Aston Villa this weekend said they can only hope and win their remaining games.

“I never had hope for that. I know that we have to win all the football games and then maybe there’s a chance. But a big maybe.

“I watched the Newcastle game last night but I wasn’t disappointed. Once upon a time Vincent Kompany put the ball in the top corner of the goal! That was the moment. It’s not in our hands. What they get, they deserve. It’s as easy as that. We have to do our job and we will see what that means.

“The biggest prize in football is three points. Yes there are trophies and it’s big. But most of the times you get three points and sometimes you win a trophy. That’s it. There’s no better reason if you want to go and win it to get three points. It’s not just about us, that’s the story of tomorrow.

“Aston Villa since Unai has been there, I don’t know where they would be in the table if he was there from the beginning. They play clear football, like Villarreal when he was there. Very successful, very difficult to play against, very confident. It’s tricky, but it’s tricky for them as well. Thank god it’s been tricky for other teams against us recently.”


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