Klopp: We don’t have anything to lose, so we don’t feel pressure

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Jurgen Klopp believes they have nothing to lose as the approach the last Premier League match of the season.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp believes they don’t feel any pressure because they don’t have anything to lose.

The Reds will host Wolves in the last game of the Premier League as they are a point behind league leaders Manchester City.

Liverpool came back from a goal down against Southampton to win 2-1in the Premier League in the midweek game.

Speaking about his side feeling pressure ahead of the last game Klopp said: “I cannot talk about pressure on the other team, but it’s like this – we have actually no pressure. We have the pressure to win a football game, but we have had that now for a while. But not about ‘what if?’, we don’t have that.

“If City have that, I don’t know. I am 100 per cent sure it is normal when we played Southampton and we were 1-0 down, City will be aware of that and it’s then a moment when you think, ‘That would be nice.’ Then we turned it around again and now it goes really to the wire and it’s pretty special. For us, it is very positive.

“If you have something to lose, it feels different, we don’t have [something to lose]. We were in situations like this before, we know it is not very easy, but probably most of the time we dealt with it OK and I have no reason to think that City wouldn’t, but the situation is different.”

The Premier League title race will be decided on the last day though Liverpool are one point behind.




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