Kroos claims Madrid have the experience to handle City game

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Toni Kroos believes in the experience players in the Real Madrid squad that can handle Manchester City’s game.

Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos believes that the Spanish team have the required player to match Manchester City quality in the semi final clash.

Real Madrid will play host to Manchester City in the first tie of the Champions League at Benerbeu.

Both team faced each other last season and the Spanish side did an incredible comeback to reach the final of the tournament.

Speaking ahead of their clash in the Champions League Kroos said: “The keys will be playing well, scoring goals and defending well. This is an important factor against a team like this, who score three or four goals every game. We’re playing at home and we’ll be looking to attack and score goals. We have played a lot of games like this and I’m confident in our experience and in how we handle these games. Hopefully it’ll go well for us.”

One player who caused havoc to City’s defense last time was Vinicius and the German player is full of praise for the Brazilian.

“At 22 years old, it’s not normal to be playing so well for the whole season. He’s never injured. If you ask the defenders who’ve played against him, they’ll tell you that he’s very annoying because he’s always looking for one-on-ones. With his quality he’s helped us a lot.

“He’s young and has a lot to learn. If he can always be calm and composed, he’s playing incredibly well. If he comes through this, which is sometimes normal because they taunt him and the referees sometimes don’t help him, he’s different.”

When asked if City has been the toughest opponent for Real Madrid in the knockout stage Kroos said:“You can’t say. Fortunately we’ve played a lot of knockout stages in the Champions League against a lot of teams in Europe with a lot of quality and who have defeated us. You can’t say which is the most difficult. It depends on the day. A City team coached by Pep isn’t easy to beat.”


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