Kyle Anderson gains Chinese citizenship

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In a groundbreaking development ahead of the highly anticipated FIBA World Cup, the basketball world was left astonished as Kyle Anderson, the talented forward of the Wolves, was granted Chinese citizenship.

On Monday, the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) announced that Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kyle Anderson has acquired Chinese citizenship through naturalization, making him the first basketball player to do so. This move comes as a growing trend of elite athletes gaining Chinese nationality through naturalization.

According to the CBA’s official Weibo account, Anderson successfully obtained Chinese nationality and had the opportunity to meet Yao Ming, the chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association.

With his new citizenship, Anderson may be eligible to represent China in the upcoming FIBA World Cup, commencing on August 25 in the Philippines, Japan, and Indonesia, as well as at the Olympic Games in Paris next year. FIBA permits teams to have one naturalized player on their roster.

Reports suggest that Anderson’s maternal grandmother was born in Jamaica to a Chinese father and Jamaican mother, establishing his Chinese heritage.

However, it is not confirmed whether Anderson or the other athletes mentioned have renounced their original nationality, as China usually enforces strict rules against dual citizenship for its citizens.

The CBA had previously revealed an 18-man squad for the World Cup, but final rosters will only be confirmed after a technical meeting held before the tournament’s commencement.

This trend of naturalization is not limited to basketball, as other sports have seen foreign athletes, such as several Brazilians in international football, seeking Chinese citizenship in hopes of participating in national teams and benefiting from the lucrative contracts in the Chinese Super League.

It remains to be seen how Anderson’s acquisition of Chinese citizenship will impact the future of basketball in China and his potential representation of the country in international competitions.


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