Lakers Draft Bronny James, Setting Up Historic Father-Son Duo with LeBron

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The LA Lakers have drafted Bronny James, setting the stage for him and his father, LeBron James, to become the first father-son duo in NBA history.


LeBron James moved a step closer to fulfilling his dream of playing alongside one of his sons after the LA Lakers selected 19-year-old Bronny in the NBA Draft on Thursday. This landmark move positions the James duo to potentially make NBA history as the first father-son pair to share the court in the league’s storied timeline.

Bronny James, who went undrafted in the first round on Wednesday, was selected 55th overall by the Lakers towards the end of the second round of the 2024 draft. Despite the low selection, the pick is monumental as it marks the beginning of a new chapter for the James family and the NBA.

Bronny, a guard, played 25 games in college at the University of Southern California (USC). His season was notably impacted by a cardiac arrest incident during a summer workout in July, which raised concerns about his readiness and future in professional basketball. However, he managed to return to the court and displayed commendable resilience and skill.

Viewed as a fringe second-round pick, Bronny’s selection by the Lakers was anticipated due to his private workouts with only the Lakers and the Phoenix Suns before the draft. His father, LeBron, a four-time NBA MVP, worked out with him earlier on Wednesday before they watched the first round of the draft together.

In addition to Bronny, the Lakers also selected Tennessee All-American Dalton Knecht with the 17th overall pick, bolstering their roster with fresh talent. Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka expressed his excitement over the historic potential of the father-son duo. “In the history of the NBA, there’s never been a father and a son that have shared an NBA basketball court, and that feels like something that could be magical,” Pelinka stated.

Currently, the Lakers are awaiting LeBron’s decision regarding his plans for the next season. The deadline for him to exercise his player option with the Lakers is Saturday, with James expected to opt out of the deal and enter free agency before potentially signing a short-term deal for his 22nd season in the NBA. Pelinka acknowledged the uncertainty but remained hopeful, saying, “We know, and have to respect of course, that LeBron has a decision on his opt-out … but if it worked out that he was on our team next season, NBA history could be made. And NBA history should be made in a Lakers uniform.”

Lakers superstars have endorsed the selection of Bronny. Anthony Davis, in particular, praised Bronny’s defensive skills and playmaking abilities. “He’s very good defensively,” said Davis. “He can read the floor very well. I think he’s a really good playmaker. I saw him work out a couple times. His reads, reading the defense, making the right passes, that was really impressive to me. I think he’s going to be fine. Obviously, it’s a lot of pressure on him with his dad being who he is.”

Despite questions about his readiness following his cardiac episode and a modest season at USC where he averaged 4.8 points per game, Bronny showed promise in combine drills, particularly with his shooting and a 40.5-inch vertical leap. These indicators suggest that Bronny’s skill set extends beyond his genetics.

Represented by Klutch Sports and Rich Paul, like his father, the agency clarified prior to the draft that Bronny and LeBron James are not planning to be a package deal. This assertion underscores Bronny’s individual potential and the professional approach the James family is taking towards his career.

The NBA world now watches in anticipation as the possibility of seeing LeBron and Bronny James play together edges closer to reality, a historic moment that could redefine family legacies in sports.



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