Leeds loyalty made Kalvin Philips reject United

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Former Leeds United midfielder said loyalty made him reject a move to Old Trafford as he made a move to the other side of Manchester.

Manchester City new signing Kalvin Philips has stated that the loyalty he had for Leeds United made him reject Manchester United.

United wanted to boost their midfield following the departure of Paul Pogba, Matic and Mata as they wanted the signature of the England international.

Philips moved to Manchester City and claims he is forever loyal to Leeds and chose to avoid the move to Old Trafford.

Asked if a switch to Old Trafford was ever an option, ex-Leeds star Phillips said: “No, there was never any chance of me going there.

“You know my loyalty to Leeds, my family as well, they’re all Leeds fans.

“I was honoured by United wanting me, such a big team – one of the biggest teams in the world.

“But no, I had to stay loyal to Leeds and choose to go to the other side of Manchester.”

Asked if it was unusual to take such a stance, he said: “I don’t know, it’s just the way I am, the way I think and the way I’ll always be.

“I want to be loyal to the people who’ve given me the biggest opportunity in the world.

“Leeds were the first team to sign me, I made sure that was one of the main things I’d do.”




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