Lukaku questions taking knee to fight racism.

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Romelu Lukaku has questioned the act of taking the knee to fight racism.

Chelsea striker Romelu Lukaku has questioned the act of taking a knee to fight racism in the world of football.

The Belgian stated that the players take knee before the game but receives abuse on social media after the game.

Wilfried Zaha and Ivan Toney have stopped taking the knee as the Crystal Palace winger Zaha branded the act as ‘degrading’ earlier this year.

Meanwhile Brentford striker Toney said players were being ‘used as puppets’ in being asked to take a knee.

Lukaku’s team mate Marcos Alonso stated this week that he will rather point to the badge of ‘NO ROOM FOR RACISM’ than taking a knee as it has lost its effectiveness.

Lukaku while speaking with the media stated that: “I think we can take stronger positions, basically. Yes, we are taking the knee, but in the end, everybody’s clapping but… sometimes after the game, you see another insult.

on what can be done.

The former Inter Milan player believes that if players can come together and meet with the owners of huge online platform it would go along way to put an end to it.

“The captains of every team, and four or five players, like the big personalities of every team, should have a meeting with the CEOs of Instagram and governments and the FA and the PFA, and we should just sit around the table and have a big meeting about it.

“How we can attack it straight away, not only from the men’s game, but also from the women’s game.

“I think just all of us together and just have a big meeting and have a conference and just talk about stuff that needs to be addressed to protect the players, but also to protect fans and younger players that want to become professional footballers.”

“At the end of the day, football should be an enjoyable game… You cannot kill the game by discrimination.

“That should never happen. Football is joy, it’s happiness and it shouldn’t be a place where you feel unsafe because of the opinion from some uneducated people.”

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