“We just seat in front of tv and wait for you to embarass us” Manchester United trolled ahead of Brighton game

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Fans lament and troll Manchester United ahead of their match against Brighton in the Premier League.

Manchester United have been trolled ahead of their Premier League match against Brighton later today.

The English team as been in poor form recently playing three consecutive 1-1 draw and also got knocked out of the FA cup by a Championship team.

Most fans believes that the joy of watching Manchester United has diminish and are not always exited to watch them play.

Some go to the extend of trolling the club captain Harry Maguire, who has been committing errors but still maintain the starting eleven.

A fan stated that this days the team just come to the pitch to embarass them, while another said that Brighton will turn prime Real Madrid against United again.

While a fan said he is expecting another draw against Brighton, another fan said it has become difficult supporting the team lately.



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