Premier League game you shouldn’t miss

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There is a tough match in the Premier League that Sportscliffs believes you should miss today.

In the Premier League’s early kick off West Ham will host Newcastle United around 13:30pm African time and it is going to be a tough and interesting match to watch.

West Ham dropped from 4th to 5th place on the league table following Manchester United’s victory against Brighton in the Premier League.

The Hammers, though have been on an incredible form and they seek to be in the top four so as to play in the Champions League next season.

On the other hand, Newscastle pick up form lately following thier signings in the January transfer window.

In the beginning of the year Newcastle were in the relagation zone but with recent win over tough teams like Everton and Aston villa they are in the 17th position on the league table.

What has been said so far ahead of the game.

West Ham manager Daavid Moyes hails the team spirit ahead of the game against Newcastle though the former Manchester United manager admits it has been tough finding the back of the net.

“The atmosphere among the team has always been good here. One of the biggest things we have is a really good team spirit and a group of lads who are resilient. They’ve shown that again last week in their performance against Leicester, coming from behind. They showed it in the game against Kidderminster too, when we still needed resilience and team spirit to get through there.

“We keep bobbing along, we want to improve our performances, but we have a really good spirit around the squad.

“We’ve not found that quite as easy, but I have to say our goals haven’t really changed. We’re still scoring goals, it just hasn’t felt that way to me.”

Necastle manager Eddie Howe has stated ahead of the game that they can compete with any body in the league with the confidence they have shown so far in the league.

Speaking in his press conferences Howe stated that: “We know how difficult this game’s going to be for us but on our recent run, with the confidence that we have, we know – and we’ve proved in recent games – that we can compete with anybody in the division.

“But we’re going to need to hit our very best levels again, especially physically. In my opinion that’s where we’ve excelled in the last few games – we’re going to need to hit those levels again.”

He added: “We know how momentum can change in football and how it can swing and we’ve got a lot of experience in the squad, so there’s no complacency. We know that every game’s hugely important so we know the benefits of winning and the players are very committed to giving their very best.

“Of course in the Premier League you come up against different tests every week. Different areas of your game are stretched and we know that this is going to be a big test for us because West Ham have very good attacking players and they’re a big set play threat as well. So we’re well aware of their strengths and we’re going to need another good defensive performance from the team.”



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