Mbappe branded self-entitled following his team picture refusal

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Kylian Mbappe has been branded self-entitled following his refusal to take pictures with his national team mates.

Former Liverpool player Danny Murphy has branded Kylian Mbappe as been self-entitled after he refuse to take pictures with his fellow players in the national team due to image right.

According to reports it was stated that in March this year with the 23-year-old not happy about his image being used by sponsors such as betting companies and fast food brands.

With Mbappe donating all of the money that he earns from sponsorship with the France national team to charity, there are question marks around the reason for his protest.

According to Danny Murphy, the player should be putting his teammates above everything else.

Asked if players have a right to say what their image is aligned to, Murphy told White and Jordan: “To a degree, but it’s a step too far for me.

“It’s a little bit self-entitled. It’s a little bit egotistical.

“Look, you’ve been picked to play for your country, it’s a team picture together as you prepare for whatever tournament, together with the lads, and you decide because you’re a superstar not to take part.

“I think he’s been advised. I don’t think he’s come to this conclusion on his own, studying the brands and thinking ‘this is going to be used by brands A, B and C and therefore it’s going to damage my reputation’.

“If you’re playing for your country and you’re proud to do so then having a team picture is the least that you can do. I mean, come on.”

Murphy added: “Is it more important than being with the players for your international team and showing your togetherness and being part of a team?

“Is it more important that your picture might be associated with a betting brand, it doesn’t mean you have to bet does it? It’s a knock-on effect of playing for your country.

“I just think, come on, get over yourself. I love Mbappe, but come on.”



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