Most improved teams in Europe this season

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There team that performed bellowed standard in the Europe last season or performed poorly this season but improved under a new manager.

Most of the  teams in Europe on the list would look like they don’t have hope in their league or seems like they will drop into the relegation zone.

This are the most improve team in Europe this season.

West Ham United: This team have been improving under their manager David Moyes in the league and also have done and incredible job in the European league this season.

Newcastle United: At the start of the season most people wrote them off due to their performance in the league until the takeover from the Saudi Arabians, Now Newcastle United have been incredible and now out of the relegation zone.

Arsenal: Mikel Arteta has done and incredible job in that side despite not signing players that are up to standard they have improved so well with their young squad.

Sevilla: Who would have thought they would be in the second position in the La Liga league this season, this Spanish team have been incredible this season and have improved a lot.

Aston Villa: The team were in mess until they employed former Rangers manager Steven Gerrard. The former Liverpool captain came in and change this for the Villa side. No doubt they are one of the most improved team in the Europe.

Freiburg: This German team has been so impressive this season and they keep improving since they got into the Bundesliga. So far this season they have been doing well in their league.

Barcelona: This team is no doubt the most improve team in Europe. At first this season it was worse for the Spanish giant until Xavi came in to rescue the team. Despite falling from the UEFA Champions League and moving to the Europa League the team has been doing very well.


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