Natasha Jonas wants a third fight this year

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Natasha Jonas eye another fight before the year runs out as she hopes to claim another belt.

Natasha Jonas has stated that she wants a third fight before the end of the year as she hopes to claim another belt to hers.

Jonas unified the WBO and WBC super-welterweight titles with a tremendous display in Liverpool, beating Patricia Berghult on a wide unanimous decision.

“I’ve had a couple of social-media callouts. (IBF super-welter champion Marie) Dicaire, I’m happy to take that fight,” Jonas told Sky Sports.

“The good thing about the women is everyone wants to fight. There’s less politics and things that are put in the way to do it. So they’re easy fights to make. If Ben (Shalom, her promoter) keeps delivering, I just have to do my part.

“Before the end of the year, three fights, how good would that be?”

Jonas claimed her first world title in February when she jumped up three weight classes to beat short-notice opponent Chris Namus for the WBO belt.

But she felt she established herself in the division with her strong showing against Berghult, performing well in her home city.

“It was boss,” Jonas said. “They can’t say them same things about Berghult. She’d been a champion for a long time. She is at the top of the division and more importantly she had the belt that I wanted.

“Every round was competitive, I couldn’t switch off at any stage of the fight. I actually probably gave her more rounds than the judges did.

“I was putting the pressure on and trying to draw them shots out of her. It is what it is, I’m not complaining!

“The body shots definitely and later on the headshots definitely took their toll. That was kind of the plan, to slow her down.

“There’s nothing worse than having to punch when you don’t want to punch and being out of your own comfort zone. That’s what I was trying to do.”


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