NBA Acknowledges Refereeing Errors

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NBA Acknowledges Refereeing Errors in Pacers vs. Celtics Nail-Biter

In a heated matchup between the Indiana Pacers and the Boston Celtics, the NBA’s Last Two Minute Report released on Tuesday highlighted critical officiating errors that influenced the outcome of Monday night’s game, ultimately leading to a 133-131 victory for the Pacers.

The game’s climactic moment occurred with 0.6 seconds remaining and the scores tied, as Celtics’ Kristaps Porzingis executed a block on a 3-point attempt by Pacers forward Bennedict Mathurin.

However, an erroneous shooting foul was called against Porzingis despite the block being deemed legal, with incidental arm contact coinciding with the defensive play. This call led to Mathurin converting two of three free throws, securing the win for Indiana.

While officials reviewed the timing of the call vis-à-vis the clock, the foul itself remained non-reviewable, adding to the controversy surrounding the decision’s impact on the game’s final seconds.

Earlier in the game’s waning moments, the Pacers successfully challenged a call that could have sent Jaylen Brown of the Celtics to the free-throw line with 3.2 seconds left.

The report validated the overturning of the call, asserting that Buddy Hield’s contact with Brown’s head was minimal and did not align with the league’s criteria for a foul.

The Last Two Minute Report cited the NBA rulebook, emphasizing that the mere occurrence of contact doesn’t automatically constitute a foul.

Incidental contact during defensive or offensive movements, or while attempting to defend an opponent or reach a loose ball, is not considered illegal under the league’s guidelines.

Post-game, Celtics’ Brown expressed frustration with the overturned call, highlighting his belief that he was struck in the head.

His remarks hinted at the necessity for further investigation into the officiating decisions made during the game.

These controversial rulings have sparked discussions within the basketball community, underscoring the challenges faced by officials in accurately adjudicating game-deciding moments and the subsequent impact on the final score.


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