NBA Approves Rule Changes: Second Coach’s Challenge and In-Game Flopping Penalty

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The NBA has recently approved two significant rule changes aimed at improving fairness on the court. The league will now allow a second coach’s challenge and introduce an in-game flopping penalty.

During the NBA 2K24 Summer League, the NBA’s board of governors met and approved two rule changes that will come into effect in the upcoming season.

The changes were recommended unanimously by the league’s competition committee, comprising players, union representatives, coaches, governors, executives, and referees.

The first rule change allows teams to have a second coach’s challenge if their first challenge is successful. This has been a long-standing request from teams and coaches.

If a team correctly challenges a call earlier in the game, they will be granted an additional challenge opportunity later in the contest. However, teams will not regain their timeout for the second challenge, even if it proves successful.

The second rule change addresses the issue of flopping during games. When a referee identifies a flop, a non-unsportsmanlike technical foul will be called on the flopping player’s team, and the opposing team will be awarded a free throw.

Referees now have the flexibility to delay the call until the next stoppage in play, rather than interrupting the game immediately.

It’s important to note that possession of the ball will not change as a result of a flopping violation, and coaches cannot directly challenge a flop call. However, if a different play is being reviewed, a flop violation can be considered and added to the call.

The existing postgame flop violation structure will remain in place, with fines starting at $2,000 for each offense, similar to technical fouls. During games, flopping violations will result in a free throw for the opposing team.

The flopping rule change will be implemented as a trial for one year to assess its effectiveness.


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