NBA Reinstates Warriors Draymond Green

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NBA Reinstates Draymond Green After 12-Game Suspension

The NBA has officially reinstated Golden State Warriors’ forward, Draymond Green, following a 12-game suspension.

Sources disclosed to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski that Green is set to undergo approximately a week of preparation before returning to active gameplay.

Green’s suspension stemmed from an incident where he struck center Jusuf Nurkic during a game against the Phoenix Suns, prompting the NBA to impose an indefinite ban on December 13.

In response, Green engaged in counseling sessions and collaborative meetings with NBA representatives, the Warriors, and the National Basketball Players Association to meet the conditions set forth for his reinstatement.

These meetings, which included figures such as Green’s agent Rich Paul, Warriors GM Mike Dunleavy Jr., and team trainer Rick Celebrini, were conducted over video calls.

The NBA’s approach to Green’s reinstatement emphasized counseling, following a series of on-court altercations, including the one with Nurkic and a previous incident involving Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz.

Throughout Green’s absence, there was limited contact between him, Coach Steve Kerr, and most of his teammates.

Kerr acknowledged the importance of space during this period, focusing on both Green’s personal growth and the team’s performance on the court.

Financially, Green’s suspension resulted in a loss of nearly $2 million, saving the Warriors an estimated $9 million on their luxury tax bill.

In his absence, the Warriors maintained a record of 7-5, and their overall performance without Green stands at 10-10 this season, with a 7-8 record in the 15 games he has played.

Looking ahead, Golden State will host the Toronto Raptors and New Orleans Pelicans and will travel to face the Chicago Bulls and Milwaukee Bucks in the upcoming week. Green is set to return to the Warriors’ practice facility, marking the first step toward his return to active play.



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