Neville claims Ten Hag away record a concern

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Former Manchester United player Gary Neville insists Erik Ten Hag away for is a thing of concern.

Manchester United were defeated away from home yesterday by Newcastle as Ten Hag’s men drop from third position to fourth.

Neville offered some perspective on his former club’s season under the Dutchman but noted that their poor return away from home has become a thing of worry.

“If you had said at the start of the season, after those first few games, this is where Manchester United would be, you would snap their hand off,” Neville told Sky Sports.

“With the squad they have, Europa League, a trophy in the bag, semi-final of the FA Cup and top four, that is brilliant, well done. I think you can still say that.
“But there are emerging signs away from home, in the big games, when you really have to turn up and show that spirit, that fight, that courage to play, and have the quality to play, there is more evidence that they are not good enough in these type of matches.

“They can still go on to have a good season. Manchester United have responded many times. But they have been well beaten today, let us be clear.

“They play Brentford and Everton in the next week. If they get six points, they look like they are in a great position again.

“But they are not fooling anyone in terms of the bigger picture of where they need to go. Erik ten Hag will know that they need to make sure they continue to improve but there are worrying signs in these big matches away from home.

“They just do not turn up. They were never in that game today. You are thinking they are going to improve in the second half but they did not. They were really poor in the second half as well as the first half. They deserved to get beaten.

“Newcastle did want it more. When you look at Manchester United’s season, I am happy overall. But you have got to turn up in the big games away from home. You have to know you can play well in the biggest games.

“Barcelona away was an outlier. They played really well in Barcelona. But other than that, against the top teams, they have not shown up. There is too much evidence now. If you cannot play in the big games for Manchester United you have no chance.

“Erik ten Hag needs to work out which ones he can take forward and which ones he can’t.”

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