Neville insists Man United must replace David De Gea

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Neville urges Manchester United to find a replacement for David De Gea, emphasizing the need for a new goalkeeper at the club.

Gary Neville insists that Manchester United must prioritize the urgent replacement of David de Gea. According to Neville, fixing the center forward and goalkeeper positions is crucial for any football team. United’s struggles, particularly in the attacking department, have reached a point where acquiring a top-class goalkeeper is essential.

Neville highlights a key moment in the Cup final against City where a preventable second goal was conceded, emphasizing the need for a change in goalkeeping personnel.

While acknowledging De Gea’s successful tenure at United, Neville believes it is now time for the goalkeeper to face a new challenge and for the club to bring in a number one option.

Additionally, Neville points out issues in the midfield composition. He highlights a lack of quality on the ball from two players who possess physicality and two technically skilled players who lack the required mobility.

According to Neville, hampers United’s ability to play through the midfield effectively. He concludes that addressing the midfield situation is necessary, along with resolving the goalkeeping and attacking concerns.

“You have got to start with a centre forward and a goalkeeper,” Neville told “If you don’t have those two positions fixed in a football team you are massively struggling.

“Manchester United are massively struggling particularly up front but it has come to the time where they have to get a top goalkeeper. That Cup final [against City] said it to us all. I don’t like mentioning it too much but the second goal shouldn’t have gone in the back of the net.

“The reality of it is, David de Gea has had a great career at Manchester United, he has been a fantastic goalkeeper. But now is the time for him to be challenged and get someone in to be that no1.

“But you can look at midfield as well. There is a problem where they have got two players who have got legs who aren’t good enough on the ball and two good enough on the ball who haven’t got the legs.

“I still think the composition of that midfield is not right so they need to sort that out. You can have one player who maybe can’t get about but he [ten Hag] wants to play through the midfield with technical players and he can’t do that with the players that he’s got there.”


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