NFL to support players to play flag football

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NFL claims not to restrict its players from trying to qualify for flag football as they eye the inclusion of the game in the Olympics.

NFL Executive vice president Troy Vincent has stated that the organization will support players to join the flag football if it’s included in the 2028 Olympics.

Speaking to the media after being named as co-chairman of group that can spearhead the effort of flag football inclusion in the 2028 Olympics claiming there will be no resistance from the NFL if players wanted to try and qualify.

Flag football is a non-contact format of American football played by teams of five where, instead of tackles, the defensive squad can remove a flag from a belt on the ball carrier to stop the play.

“Absolutely … that’s what it’s all about; choice, options,” former NFL player Vincent told an online briefing from The World Games 2022 in Birmingham, Alabama, where flag football is making its debut at a global multi-sport event.

“It is the ultimate acknowledgement, it’s the ultimate recognition, for any athlete to be an Olympian, to represent their country.

“So yes, we believe that there will be, and you want that open, open competition for the best to compete against the best to represent their flag.”

Vincent described flag football as an all-inclusive sport, was named co-chair of “Vision28” along with International Federation of American Football (IFAF) President Pierre Trochet.

“We are excited about the growth of flag … the partnership and the growth opportunities,” said Vincent “What’s the ultimate goal? For flag football to be embedded in the Olympic Games, not just LA2028 but beyond.”

The governing body also stated that flag football is adaptable to a wide range of venues – stadiums, indoor arenas and temporary urban sports parks – making it a flexible and low-cost proposition for multi-sport event organizers.



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