Nicolas Schindelholz passes away at age 34

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FC Aarau player Nicolas Schindelholz pass away at age 34 after battling lung cancer.

Former FC Thun player Nicolas Schindelholz has passed away aged just 34 following a long battle with lung cancer.

According to reports the defender received diagnosis in 2020 and was advised to quit football the following year.

The defender played for FC Thun and most recently had a spell at FC Aarau, where his former team-mates were left in tears after the news of his death was came out at the end of their recent cup game against Basel.

The Swiss ace sadly leaves behind a wife and four children and tributes have been paid to the centre-back, including from FC Aarau.

A statement from the club read: “Our former central defender Nicolas Schindelholz died of cancer at the age of just 34.

“FC Aarau expresses its heartfelt condolences to the relatives and wishes them a lot of strength during this difficult time.”

President of FC Aarau Philipp Bonorand added: “All of us at FC Aarau are very sad and our thoughts are with Nicolas Schindelholz’s family. Our condolences to his family and four children.”

Former club FC Basel wrote: “FC Basel mourns the loss of Nicolas Schindelholz. Our former U21 captain died of cancer at the age of just 34.”

Another Swiss club Servette FC also stated that: “Servette FC is associated with the pain and pain of all Swiss football and sends its most sincere condolences to the family and loved ones of Nicolas Schindelholz.



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