Odegaard believes it’s early to be considered title contender

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Martin Odegaard says there is more room for improvement in the Gunners team despite being on top of the Premier League table.

Arsenal captain Martin Odegaard believes it is too early to consider the Gunners as a title contender in the Premier League.

Though Odegaard claims that he loves the improvement in the team and insists there is room for more improvement.

“It’s still very early in the season, but it’s nice to see our name at the top of the table”, Odegaard said

“It’s nothing yet though, there are some very good teams around us and we’re going to stay calm, keep working hard and keep on improving.

“We have only played 13 matches in the Premier League. We know there’s still a lot we can improve on, and we’re working on that, and hopefully we will get better and keep it going.”

Arsenal will host Brighton in the Carabao cup and the Norwegian believes there might be changes in the team and would create an opportunity for other players to get minutes.

He added that every player are ready to fight for the team when they are called upon to represent the club.

“Momentum is important too and that’s another reason why tonight’s game against Brighton is vital too. It’s in another competition but we want to fight for everything.

“So we’re only looking at it as another important game for us. I don’t know but maybe there will be some changes in the team – even if there is, I think everyone is ready to play. Whoever is called upon will give everything because we are ready as a unit to play all the games.

“Some players have maybe not had as many minutes as they would like so far this season, but it hasn’t changed the attitude at all. I think that’s what makes us so special – the unity and the team spirit.

“Everyone is ready to fight whether it’s for one minute or 90 minutes. Everyone is fighting, giving 100 per cent all the time in training and in the matches and for me that’s one of our biggest strengths right now.”





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