Players that have played with Messi and Ronaldo

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Anrgetina’s Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are regarded as the GOAT in football but they have never played together, here are some of the players that have played with them.

Gerard Pique

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The Spanish defender played with Cristiano Ronaldo when he was at Manchester United during Sir Alex Ferguson era before he moved to Barcelona. Pique played with Lionel Messi at Barcelona and achieved greater things together at the club.


Paulo Dybala

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Dybala played alongside  Ronaldo when he was at Juventus and also played with Lionel Messi in the Argentina national team.


Angel Di Maria

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Angel Di Maria play with Ronaldo when he was at Real Madrid and provided assist for the Portuguese so well, Di Maria also played with Messi at PSG and also in the National team and won the World Cup together.

Achraf Hakimi

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The Moroccan, Hakimi played with both stars. He played with the Portuguese at Real Madrid and currently playing with Messi at PSG.

Nelson Semedo

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Semedo who plays as a wing back played with Messi when he was at Barcelona and also played in the Portuguese national team along side his captain Cristiano Ronaldo.

Gonzalo Higuain

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Higuain played with  Ronaldo at Madrid and also played along side Lionel Messi in the Argentina national team.

Sergio Ramos

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Ramos captained Ronaldo at Real Madrid and both players won the Champions League together numerous time before the Spaniard moved from Real Madrid to PSG where he is playing with Messi currently.


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