Pogba believes Liverpool game not League determiner.

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Manchester United midfielder says that the clash between Liverpool and Ole Gunner Solskjaer’s side at Anfield on Sunday will not determine the League title, as the French man insist, they need to be focus and also stress the fact that beautiful things don’t come easily.

The in-form midfielder scored the only goal in the midweek clash against Burley to go three points ahead of Jurgen Klopp’s side on the Premier League table.

The two team look to maintain the lead on the League table as a win for Manchester United at Anfield will place them 6 points ahead of the Liverpool, but Pogba have insists that nothing will decide the title race this weekend.

“We know the story. We know it’s Liverpool. Everybody knows it. We know they’re second, they know we’re first. We know if we win, we have six points [on them], everybody knows that,” Pogba said.

“It’s not the game, yes it’s a game and it’s going to be a hard game. But I don’t think this game will decide the league. I know it’s going to make a difference, but it won’t decide the league. We have to take it as a hard game in the league, not as the game. There are going to be a lot of games that will make the difference and be very important.”

“I know it’s an important game, but all the games are. We don’t have to make it too much about ‘ah it’s the game’. It’s Liverpool and when it’s Liverpool it’s always a big game, we know that. We just have to keep calm and keep our focus and we’ll see.”

When asked if the match is such a key one for the fans, Pogba stated that: “Of course, it’s Liverpool, the neighbours, we know the story. I know the story. When you arrive in Manchester you know the story about Liverpool and Manchester United. We know it’s a big game.

“When you play at United there are always big games but this one is a battle. It’s going to be a battle.”

Pogba is aware about the difficulty that lies ahead for the remainder of the season when it comes to the title race, but he insists the Reds are ready for what’s to come.

“Of course. We’re there but we know it’s going to be tough, very, very difficult. We know it. Beautiful things don’t come easy, so we know we’re going to have to get through this. We’re there and it’s going to be very hard. How much we want it, that’s the question because I think we can [do it].”

Pressed on how much United want it, he declared: “Very much, very much. It’s hard work, but we have to keep the focus and keep our heads and keep doing what we’ve been doing. The last game, winning like that, makes the difference, I think.”

“You never know in this league, it’s always very hard. I think we’ve been doing great with our results and performance, all of the team. It’s our focus. We know we can do it and we have to believe. Anything can happen.”




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