Rangnick: We did everything apart from scoring

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Ralf Rangnick admit it hurt losing two points in a game they should have won easily, claims they did everything apart from scoring goals.

Manchester United interim manager Ralf Rangnick has stated that the did everything against Watford apart from scoring goals.

United played 0-0 draw at Old Trafford against Watford in a game they dominated in the Premier League.

Rangnick side created chances in the game but were unable to find the back of the net in the game.

Speaking with the club media Rangnick said: “We did everything apart from scoring. We have to take the result, it is difficult to win the game. We were in full control for almost the whole game, they had hardly any counter attacks apart from the last five minutes. Apart from that, we were in total control of the game.

“We had enough chances. In the first half we had four clear opportunities that normally would have been enough to score one or two goals. In the second half there were similar. It is about efficiency, about being clinical in front of goal and this is not for the first time unfortunately but apart from that we were in true control of the game, dominated the game.

“Our job as coaches is to help the team create enough chances. If we only had two or three opportunities in the game we could ask ourselves, well what can we do to create more chances but I think the number of clear chances we had today has to be enough to win a game like this.

Rangnick stated that it hurts to drop two points in a game they should have won easily but insists they need to move on from the disappointment.

“Well, it feels once again like two points dropped, we should have easily won. We had enough chances in both halves to win that game, but we didn’t and, not for the first time, we dropped two points in a very important game.”

“There is nothing else that we can do now. We have to work hard in order to get ready and prepare ourselves for the derby next Sunday, but those two points that we dropped here today, they hurt. We will start [preparing for the City game] at the beginning of next week. But right now, it feels awful, and as I said it’s not the first time that we dropped two valuable points.”




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