Redknapp: Kane would have solve United’s problem

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Harry Redknapp, the former manager of Tottenham Hotspur, had high hopes for Manchester United’s prospects in the upcoming season. However, as the new campaign unfolded, he found himself deeply concerned about the multitude of issues plaguing the Red Devils both on and off the pitch.

Redknapp’s initial optimism has transformed into a somber expectation of a challenging season for the Manchester-based club.

In Redknapp’s view, a potential solution to Manchester United’s on-field struggles was within reach this summer.

He firmly believed that the acquisition of Harry Kane could have alleviated the major headaches the club is currently grappling with. Unfortunately for United, this opportunity slipped through their grasp, as Kane eventually made a high-profile move to Bayern Munich instead.

Redknapp’s assessment underscores the significance of Kane’s talent and leadership. The England captain’s presence on the pitch could have provided the goal-scoring prowess and stability that Manchester United now seems to lack.

As the season unfolds, the club and its supporters can only wonder about the potential difference Kane could have made had he donned the iconic red jersey at Old Trafford.

“The Glazers have brought players in, they’ve spent money this year again and it’s whether they’ve spent the money well or not,” Redknapp told talkSPORT Breakfast this morning.

“You look at the squad and it doesn’t look like they have spent very well, so it’s really got to start getting some results hasn’t it?

“At the start of the year I really thought they could be challenging. I looked at their squad, they brought the centre-forward in [Rasmus Hojlund] but if they’d have got Harry Kane it would have made a massive difference to that team.

“I don’t know why they didn’t push the boat out and make that one big marquee signing rather than bringing in three or four players, that is how important he could have been to them.

“But they haven’t got him and I think it’s going to be a tough season for them. They’re going to do well to certainly make top four again this year, that’s not going to be easy to get in the Champions League.

“Ten Hag needs he needs to pick up some results. He certainly needs to get out of this group in the Champions League and he needs to obviously try to cement a top four place again, otherwise it’ll be a disastrous season.”


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