Review: Every event in the past week

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In the sports world, every major sport event gave the best action in the past week and there are lot to talk about.


In the football world the English, Spanish and Italian team were all in action last week and this brought entertainment to the fans.

The English FA Cup were just on point as Manchester United sent Everton home after the defeating them 3-1.

Crystal Palace was defeated by Southampton, Leicester 1-0 was enough to defeat Gillingham, while Burnley defeated Bournemouth.

Brighton got a huge a win over Middlesbrough, Sheffield Wednesday defeated Newcastle United, Liverpool settled for 2-2 draw against Wolves while Manchester City defeat Chelsea at the Etihad Stadium.

Cadiz defeated host Valencia while Celta Vigo visited Elche in the Spanish La Liga, Real Madrid suffer defeat to Villarreal, Mallorca defeated Valladolid while Espanyol and Girona settled for 2-2 draw.

Real Sociedad 2-0 was enough to defeat Almeria, Sevilla got 2-1 victory over Getafe while Barcelona secured three points with 1-0 over Atletico Madrid.

In the Serie A Fiorentina defeated Sassuolo, Juventus played 1-0 against Udinese while Inter Milan shared points with Monza with a 2-2 draw.

Lazio bottled their lead against Empoli and play 2-2 draw Napoli got their victory over Sampdoria and Roma came back from 2-0 against AC Milan to play 2-2.


In the NHL, Buffalo Sabres defeated Minnesota Wild 6:5ot, Montreal Canadiens defeated St. Louis Blues 5:4, Ottawa Senators suffered defeat Seattle Kraken 4:8, Toronto Maple Leafs defeated Detroit Red Wings 4:1, Edmonton Oilers suffered defeat to Colorado Avalanche 2:3ot.

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Vegas Golden Knights suffered defeat to Los Angeles Kings 1:5, San Jose Sharks suffer defeat to Boston Bruins 2:4, Winnipeg Jets defeated Vancouver Canucks 7:4, Dallas Stars defeated Florida Panthers 5:1.

The Washington Capitals defeated Columbus Blue Jackets 1:0, Arizona Coyotes suffered defeat Pittsburgh Penguins 1:4, Chicago Blackhawks defeated Calgary Flames 4:3ot, Minnesota Wild suffered defeat to St. Louis Blues 0:3, Philadelphia Flyers suffered defeat to Toronto Maple Leafs 2:6, Anaheim Ducks suffered defeat to Boston Bruins 1:7.


In the NBA, San Antonio Spurs suffered defeat to Boston Celtics 116:121, Chicago Bulls defeated Utah Jazz 126:118, Dallas Mavericks defeated New Orleans Pelicans 127:117, Golden State Warriors suffered defeat Orlando Magic 101:115, Sacramento Kings suffered defeat to Los Angeles Lakers 134:136.

Detroit Pistons suffered defeat to Philadelphia 76ers 111:123, Toronto Raptors defeated Portland Trail Blazers 117:105, Indiana Pacers defeated Charlotte Hornets 116:111, Memphis Grizzlies defeated Utah Jazz 123:118,Miami Heat suffered defeat to Brooklyn Nets 101:102.

American Football

In the NFL, Jacksonville Jaguars defeated Tennessee Titans 20:16, Atlanta Falcons defeated Tampa Bay Buccaneers 30:17, Buffalo Bills defeated New England Patriots 35:23, Chicago Bears suffered defeat to Minnesota Vikings 13:29, Cincinnati Bengals defeated Baltimore Ravens 27:16.

Indianapolis Colts suffer defeat to Houston Texans 31:32, Miami Dolphins defeated New York Jets 11:6, New Orleans Saints suffered defeat Carolina Panthers 7:10, Pittsburgh Steelers defeated Cleveland Browns 28:14, Denver Broncos defeated Los Angeles Chargers 31:28.

Philadelphia Eagles defeated New York Giants 22:16, San Francisco 49ers defeated Arizona Cardinals 38:13, Seattle Seahawks defeated Los Angeles Rams 19:16ot, Washington Commanders defeated Dallas Cowboys 26:6.



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