Review: Fulham vs Liverpool

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This is the review of the Premier League match between Fulham vs Liverpool.

Liverpool visited Fulham in their first game of the season and it turned out to be a very difficult game for the Reds.

The Reds also lost the whole points as Fulham gave them a tough time in the game before points were shared between them.

Fulham took the lead in the first half of the game through Aleksandar Mitrović.

The Reds started the second half well and continue to push for a win before they got one through new signing Darwin Nunez.

Fulham didn’t take much time before the hit the second goal past Liverpool through a penalty that was scored by Mitrovic.

Salah then took it upon himself to get the equalizer in the game as the match ended draw in London.

What was said before the match?

Fulham manager Marco Silva stated in his pre-match press conference that: “We are looking forward to it.

“We did a fantastic job last season, all of us, we worked really hard to play at this level, where the Club belongs in my opinion.

“And from tomorrow we have to embrace the challenge, be really positive. It will be a long season for us.

“We know that for all teams it will be a tough season, the hardest one, but we have to embrace this challenge and be really positive, trust in ourselves.”

Meanwhile, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp said that before the game that facing Fulham will be tough because of what they did in the Championship.

“It’s like Southampton, or whatever, in the past. Fulham is doing really well and did last year extremely well. I met Marco [Silva] at the managers meeting in London. Yeah, getting promoted by playing football is for me one of the hardest things to do in the Championship”, Klopp said.

“They all play football, but being a real football-playing side [with] more possession [and] all these kinds of things. Set-pieces are important but not the main thing, so it gets all my respect and that’s what Fulham did.”

What was said after the game?

Fulham manager Marco Silva was pleased with his players’ performances against Liverpool.

“If you ask me if I deserve something more, I think our players deserve something more from the game,” Silva the media.

“I know Liverpool – more in the second half than the first – had more control of the game, but I think our organisation was great.

“Great first half, the way we blocked almost everything from them. In terms of organisation, our first half was almost perfect. The way we started the game, the intensity we played first half, was really, really good.”

Jurgen Klopp after the game stated that: “We started actually exactly the opposite way that we wanted – first pass outside Robbo, Robbo passed the ball back, it’s just a little sign.

“I know we could’ve won the game, that wouldn’t have made our performance a little bit better, but we could have, but it would have been too much today. I am happy for the punishment we got with losing two points, if you want.

“I know you can see that differently – Fulham might say as well they lost two points – but that’s how football is. We all can see it our way. But again, the most positive thing is the result.”


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