Review: Upcoming matches in sports world

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Manchester City host Arsenal as Premier League title race continue, Memphis Grizzlies to face Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA playoff and every other game you need to know.



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This midweek in the Premier League, Nottingham to host Brighton, Chelsea will host Brentford, West Ham will play against Liverpool, Manchester City will face Arsenal, Everton will playa against Newcastle, Southampton will play against Bournemouth, Tottenham will face Manchester Utd.

In the La Liga this midweek as well, Atl. Madrid will host Mallorca, Getafe will play against Almeria,
Celta Vigo will host Elche, Rayo Vallecano will face Barcelona, Valencia will face Valladolid, Villarreal will host  Espanyol, Ath Bilbao will host Sevilla.


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In the NHL, Boston Bruins will host Florida Panthers, Colorado Avalanche will play against Seattle Kraken, Toronto Maple Leafs will host Tampa Bay Lightning, New Jersey Devils will play against New York Rangers, Vegas Golden Knights will host Winnipeg Jets, Minnesota Wild will play against  Dallas Stars, New York Islanders will host Carolina Hurricanes.


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In the NBA, Cleveland Cavaliers will face New York Knicks, Memphis Grizzlies will host Los Angeles Lakers, Milwaukee Bucks will face Miami Heat, Sacramento Kings will face Golden State Warriors, Atlanta Hawks will face Boston Celtics.


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