Sancho do not deserve England’s call up.

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Gareth Southgate admits Sancho do not deserve England call up.

England manager Gareth Southgate claims Manchester United player Jadon Sancho do not deserve England call up.

The former Borussia Dortmund player is finding it hard to find his feet under new manager Ole Gunner Solskjaer.

Sancho, who was regarded as on of the best attacking player in Europe is struggling with the Old Trafford side.

The England international was called up by Gareth Southgate in the England squad but said he doesn’t deserve the call up.

“Does he deserve to be in on these performances over the last few weeks? Well, probably not,” said Southgate.

“But we have invested in Jadon over a period of time. We believe he can get to a high level. I’d like time to chat with him and help that process that’s going on at United.

“For him to feel that we have belief in him, at this point, is a good message. So, again, there is no perfect solution here.

“You could easily throw another name at me who we have left out in the past and say, “Well, you didn’t deal with them in the same way”.

He further stated that keeping out player will definitely send a message to them but Sancho case was a different one.

“We try to individually do the right thing at the right time, send the right message. Sometimes the right message is to leave a player out.

“Maybe they respond and that’s the right thing but we feel with Jadon it is important to keep him with us.”

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