Shakhtar CEO accusses Arsenal on Mykhailo Mudryk deal

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Arsenal has been accused for contacting Mykhailo Mudryk without the the consent of the club.

Arsenal target Mykhailo Mudryk has moved to Chelsea following several talks of him wanted by Mikel Arteta’s Gunners this January.

The Ukrainian player, who was unveiled in the first half of Chelsea’s 1-0 victory over Crystal Palace signed for the a deal worth  £88.5m.

Meanwhile, Shakhtar chief Sergei Palkin told media that Arsenal made contact with the player and agent without the permission of the club.

“It’s a good question, but from my point of view, why did everyone start talking about Arsenal?

“Arsenal contacted player almost two months ago, even before contacting us, and Arteta called him, Zinchenko called him, their sporting director called him, almost every day.

“They contacted the agent of the player and after that they arrived to us and we started negotiating this deal.

“Maybe because of this… they spent with Mudryk almost two months and information in the media was that they had made contact and Mudryk would like to go there, etc.

“But if we are talking about Chelsea, Chelsea called me at the end of December and asked me, ‘Can we contact the player and talk with him?’ I said OK and I connected them and actually they started to talk with each other at the beginning of January.

“But before we had a lot of contact from Chelsea about this deal, and finally Arsenal and Chelsea proposed the same money, the same on the fixed part and the same with bonuses.

“I cannot tell you everything, but definitely it’s winning the Champions League, winning the Premier League, we have these kind of bonuses in there.”



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