Agbonlahor: Players will choose Spurs over Manchester United

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Gabriel Agbonlahor believes players will choose to go to Chelsea or Tottenham over Manchester United.

Former Aston Villa player Gabriel Agbonlahor believes players will choose Tottenham Hotspurs over joining Manchester United.

Manchester United are finding it hard to get the signature of player because they didn’t qualify for the Champions League.

United forward Cristiano Ronaldo has stated that he wants to leave the club has he is yet to resume the preseason training.

The Red Devils have also spent more time in negotiating a deal with Barcelona for Dutch midfielder Frankie De Jong without a positive result.

Agbonlahor believe that players will think twice before choosing Manchester United because they do not have quality players in the team.

Speaking with talkSports Agbonlahor said: “If I had the choice to go to Manchester City or Liverpool before Manchester United, it would be a no-brainer.

“But I’d also go to Chelsea before Manchester United and I’d choose Spurs now.

“If I was a player now, and I had the choice to go to Spurs or Manchester United, I’m going to Spurs.

“I’d even go to Arsenal before Manchester United, they’re a shambles.

“Ronaldo wants to leave because of it, they’ve got players they can’t rely on, and even De Jong from Barcelona, he’s like, ‘I might go but I’ll see how I feel. I’ll let you know in a month’.

“That’s what Manchester United have come to.

“It’s actually embarrassing for Manchester United fans. They’ve become that club that players are like to their agent, ‘If I can go to Spurs I’ll go there but, if not, then go on then I’ll go to Man United.

“I think that’s what it’s come to.”



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