Trent Arnold unavailable for Liverpool and England

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Jurgen Klopp revealed that right back Trent Alexander-Arnold will be unavailable for Liverpool and England.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has confirmed that his right back Trent Alexander- Arnold will miss games for Liverpool and England.

Klopp revealed on Friday that the England international will be unavailable for weeks due to hamstring injury.

Speaking at the press conference ahead of the FA cup match against Nottingham Forest Klopp said: “Trent is out with a hamstring. He cannot be part of England as well – no good news, we will see how long that takes.”

Klopp was then asked if Alexander-Arnold will be sidelined for weeks and replied: “Yes.”

On how he will go about replacing the influential Alexander-Arnold, the manager stated: “[It’s] tricky, now we will see how long it will take but of course it’s… to replace Trent is difficult, but possible.

“We always did it. We have Millie when he is then not ill anymore, we have obviously Joe and, theoretically, we can change system as well, so we have these kinds of things.

“We have a couple of options. You are right, [he’s] very influential. But if you have a look in the past when Millie had to step in, he did incredibly well. Incredibly well.

“He just has to be available, then that’s fine. But what we do or how Millie will be for Sunday, I don’t know at the moment.

“If not, then maybe we have a very young solution, which is fine as well or Joey as well. We will have a look.

“The way he plays, I don’t know any player in the world who plays like Trent, to be honest, that would be difficult to find a one-to-one replacement.”



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