UEFA files appeal on super league teams.

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UEFA file an appeal for the withdrawal of presiding Judge

UEFA has filed an appeal for the withdrawal of judge presiding over the proceeding of the Super League case.

The European body believes that there are significant irregularities in the proceedings.

The ruling of a court in Madrid says it has no power or authority to take action against Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus.

The three clubs had argued in court that UEFA’s attempt to punish them for setting up a breakaway league was against European competition law.

On Tuesday, the governing body took action to try and remove judge Manuel Ruiz de Lara from the case as well as filing papers with the higher court of appeal in Madrid.

“UEFA has filed a motion for the recusal of the judge presiding over the current proceedings as it believes there are significant irregularities in these proceedings,” a UEFA statement read.

“In line with Spanish law and in the fundamental interests of justice UEFA fully expects the judge in question to immediately stand aside pending the full and proper consideration of this motion.

“Further, UEFA shall also be making a formal appeal to a higher court, the Provincial Court of Madrid (Court of Appeal).”

Sportscliffs earlier reported that UEFA drops charges against the teams that are planning to breakaway to for a league.

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