Uli Hoeness Reveals Harry Kane’s Eagerness to Join Bayern Munich

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Bayern Munich’s chief, Uli Hoeness, has boldly proclaimed that Tottenham Hotspur’s star striker, Harry Kane, is eager to make a move to the German champions.

Bayern Munich chief Uli Hoeness has recently expressed confidence in Harry Kane’s desire to join the German champions. According to Hoeness, Kane has made it clear that he wants to make the move, and if that remains the case, Bayern Munich will secure his services.

Hoeness also acknowledged Daniel Levy’s shrewdness in negotiations, stating that the first step is to establish a price for the transfer. However, Hoeness believes that Kane’s desire to play in Europe and the fact that Tottenham will not be participating in European competitions next season could sway the striker to join Bayern Munich.

He also praised Kane’s advisors, his father and brother, for their professionalism and reliability in the past. Hoeness expressed his appreciation for their approach and indicated that if they continue in the same manner, Bayern Munich would be satisfied.

“He [Kane] signalled very clearly that his decision was made. And if it stays that way, we’ll get him,” Hoeness said according to multiple German outlets, including Munich newspaper Abendzeitung.


“Levy is clever. First we have to get him to name a price. He plays for time, is a great professional. I appreciate him very much. But on the other side [at Bayern] there aren’t any people who have been doing this since yesterday.


“He wants to play internationally [in Europe]. Tottenham won’t be there next season, unlike our club. He now has another opportunity to come to a top club in Europe.


“What we really like about Kane is that his advisors, that is his father and his brother, are very pleasant. So far they have always stood by what they have promised. And if it stays that way, then that’s okay.”


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