Harry Maguire Steps Down as Manchester United Captain

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Manchester United defender, Harry Maguire, has officially announced that he will not retain the captaincy for the upcoming season.

In a recent Twitter post, Harry Maguire has confirmed that he will not be captaining Manchester United in the upcoming season. Following discussions with the manager, Maguire revealed that he was informed of the decision and given the reasons behind it.

Although personally disappointed, he expressed his commitment to giving his all every time he wears the Manchester United shirt.

Maguire took the opportunity to express his immense gratitude to the Manchester United fans for their unwavering support during his time as captain. Reflecting on the past three and a half years, he regarded leading the team as a tremendous privilege and one of the proudest moments of his career.

Recognizing the significance of being a captain in club football, Maguire emphasized that he had given his utmost both on and off the field to help United achieve success.

Acknowledging Ole Gunnar Solskjaer for initially entrusting him with the captaincy, Maguire expressed his gratitude and extended his well wishes to whoever takes on the role going forward.

He assured that he would offer his complete support to the new captain, along with his hopes for their success. In conclusion, Maguire signed off with a heartfelt message, expressing his appreciation and signing off with his name.

He wrote on Twitter: “After discussions with the manager today he has informed me he is changing captain. He outlined his reasons to me and whilst I’m personally extremely disappointed, I will continue to give my all every time I wear the shirt.

“So I wanted to say a massive thank you to the Manchester United fans for all their brilliant support whilst I’ve been wearing the armband.

“Since the day I took on the role, three and half years ago, it’s been a huge privilege to lead Manchester United and one of the proudest moments of my career to date. It’s one of the greatest honours in club football. I’ve done everything I possibly could to help United be successful – on and off the field.

“I will always be grateful to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer for first giving me the responsibility and I wish whoever now takes it on every success and they will have my full support. Harry.”


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