United fans react to Bruno’s penalty.

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Manchester United fans reacts to Bruno Fernandes penalty miss.

Manchester United fans react to Bruno Fernandes penalty after the Portuguese missed against Aston Villa.

United had the chance to get a point in the last minutes of the game but was wasted with Bruno’s penalty mistake.

Many fans have now called the former Sporting Lisbon out for taking the penalty when Ronaldo was on pitch.

Some of the fans took to their social media page to question the act of taking penalty ahead of Cristiano in such moment.

“Don’t care who you are. If you have a last minute penalty, and you have Ronaldo on the pitch, you give it to him. If he misses, he misses. But you give it to him. He’s the guy for such moments.’

Another added: “Apparently Ronaldo asked to take the penalty and Bruno ignored him and then Pogba tells Ronaldo to let Bruno take it.

“The audacity to not let Ronaldo take the penalty knowing how good he is at them. They deserved to lose.’”

One fan said: “Imagine having Christiano Ronaldo in your team – one of the greatest players who has ever lived & a machine for scoring goals – & for him not to be taking your penalties?”

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