VAR not killing games but the referees does

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Football doesn’t have that fun anymore since the introduction of Video Assistant Referee (VAR) as it makes some referees make terrible decisions on the pitch.

The joy of football fans are cut short in football games in recent times after VAR call attention of referees to meaningless foul and offside making them cancel goals in a blink of an eye.

VAR was introduced to reduce the controversy in football but the technology it self is said to be doing more harm than good for the game.

Series of mistakes have been made by the men using the computer making teams loss vital points in the league.

Premier League managers and players have complained bitterly on the VAR and still yet, no improvement has been made.

Former Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho complained when he was managing the Spurs stating that the technology is doing more harm than good to the English League.

A scenario happened when the VAR called the attention to a foul that was initially overlooked by the referee which led to a red card for his then player.

“VAR was supposed to support football, to bring truth to the spectacle, Jose Mourinho said. “They did that with the penalty decision and they killed the game with Son’s decision.

“Paul Tierney decides yes and Anthony Taylor, in real time, five metres from the situation, decided no [red card]. So who was refereeing the game? Not Taylor. It was Tierney.

The Portuguese made his own point about the man on the pitch and the man behind the camera.

According to an article title what Premier League managers think about the VAR on states the positivity and negativity of the use of the technology.

In the article former Bournemouth manager Eddie Howe said: “I think there’s going to be so many twists and turns with VAR this season, not all of it necessarily good for the game in my opinion. But there’s definitely some good to come from it. I think there will be a lot of debate from a lot of people about what we should be doing with it, tweaks that will be made I’m sure throughout its lifespan. I just don’t want the supporters really to suffer in any way and lose their enjoyment of what they see. I think that’s the most important part.”

Graham Potter believe that the technology has reduce the atmosphere in the stadium as the crowd goes from euphoria to being disappointed in few seconds.

Leicester City manager Brendan Rodgers had his say on VAR saying:  “My feeling of VAR is that it will work for you some weeks and go against you others.”

One of the Premier League player Andy Robertson, who plays for Liverpool warns that the technology will kill the love fans have for football.

“I used to love going to games and just being in that moment of being able to celebrate a goal”, said Robertson. “That is being taken out of the game a wee bit. Now you are waiting two or three minutes to see if a goal is onside or offside and for me, if it is that tight, then leave it to whatever decision was originally made. There are lots of things you can go over, but Milly’s tweet was echoing what a lot of footballers and fans are feeling”, The Guardian reported.

Earlier this week, Brighton’s Alexis Mac Allister had a goal disallowed against Leicester due to an apparent offside against his teammate Enock Mwepu, and then Arsenal’s Gabriel Martinelli had a goal ruled out at Old Trafford due to an apparent foul by Martin Odegaard on Christian Eriksen.

Some of the recent decision caused a spark during the week and people called for the league to scrap the VAR.

In our opinion the introduction of the technology has helped so far in the league because the referees and lines men are not be 100 percent accurate in their decision.

The Var is meant to help the referee in making a right decision concerning an incident on the pitch.

But there has to be consistency in doing this, you cannot rule out a goal for a team and then another referee will grant the exact goal for another team.

VAR is not killing the game but the inconsistency of the referees are killing the game.



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