Xavi: Bayern Munich don’t forgive in front of goal

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Barcelona manager Xavi tell the difference between the Spanish team and the Bayern Munich following their 2-0 defeat in the Champions League.

Barcelona manager Xavi Hernandez has outlined the difference between his team and the German team Bayern Munich in the Champions League match.

The Spanish side suffer 2-0 defeat at the Allianz arena last night as second half strike from Lucas Hernandez and Leroy Sane sealed the victory for the German team.

While speaking with the media after the match Xavi stated that the difference between Bayern and Barcelona is that the German team utilizes their chances when they get them.

“The difference between us and Bayern is that they don’t forgive in front of goal,” Xavi said.

Xavi admitted that they had to pay the price for not converting their chances despite having a good game as he insists the defeat is a step backward for them.

“The result is not a reflection of the entire match. But this is the Champions League. If you miss chances, you will end up paying that. We messed up. This defeat is a step backwards,” he said.

There are controversies that Barcelona should have had a penalty in the first half of the game after Davis challenged on Dembele but the Barcelona manager stated that he didn’t see the challenge.

Talking about the incident, Xavi said: “I didn’t see the Dembélé foul, but everyone is telling me it was a penalty. Regardless, I don’t want to comment on referees.”

On the performances and the chances created, Xavi said: “We had 6 or 7 clear chances to score. The first half was ours. We did enough not only to draw, but we should have won. We should learn from our mistakes and keep working hard.”

On the goals that the team conceded, he added: “Our marking in the corner was very bad, and we should have fouled the runner in the play for the second goal. They stop the game and we don’t. That is what competing means.”

Further expressing his frustration over the result, Xavi said: “I’m mad because we should have won. We played a match to win. Lewandowski missed chances, Pedri got two, Raphinha from outside the box… this is disappointing and unfair.”

“Competing means winning corners, closing transitions, or having a chance in front of the goalkeeper and scoring it. I’m leaving angry. We had to win today. We have to be more effective in both of the areas,” the Barcelona legend added.



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