Zouma to play for West Ham against Leicester City

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Kurt Zouma is set to feature for the Hammers against Leicester City on Sunday despite his diabolic action.

West Ham manager David Moyes has confirmed that defender Kurt Zouma will feature for the Hammers on Sunday against Leicester City.

Zouma has been criticized heavily after a video was posted on social media capture the former Chelsea player kicking a Cat and it has been confirmed that the RSPCA have taken the cat away.

The 27-year-old West Ham defender issued an apology and has been fined two weeks’ wages – understood to be £250,000 – which will be donated to animal welfare charities, while Adidas have dropped the player as a client.

Moyes caused controversy by picking Zouma to face Watford on Tuesday, barely 24 hours after the footage was released and amid a huge public outcry.

Sportscliffs undertsands that National League club Dagenham have suspended Zouma’s brother Yoan, who is understood to have filmed the video, while the RSPCA investigates the incident.

But Moyes said: “Yes he’s available to play against Leicester. There are different views and opinions on should he be available. We as a club took that decision and I stand by that.

“I don’t think the club could take more action or any quicker. West Ham have fined him the maximum wages. We all accept the actions are terrible and diabolical, but we’ve chosen to play him and we stand by that.

“We are so disappointed it is completely out of character from Kurt. He is a really good lad we are going to get him some help and trying to give him as much help as we can.

“Like drink-driving offences, most people have to go to classes and the RSPCA are going to provide him with classes to understand about animals and how to treat them.

“We will do everything we can to make sure Kurt is looking into it, and getting better, and understanding it.

“The incident is terrible, we all totally agree with that. There was nobody in this football club who doesn’t agree with that.

“Sponsorship being taken away is something the club will deal with, not me.”

In France, animal rights group the 30 Million Friends Foundation condemned the “heinous act” and called for Zouma to be suspended from the national team.

West Ham are continuing to support an RSPCA investigation.

Asked how Zouma is, Moyes said: “He’s incredibly remorseful. In life you need a bit of forgiveness and he’s hoping he’s forgiven for a bad action.

“We mustn’t forget that many of us through our lives makes mistakes and you’re hoping there are people out there that are going to give you a little bit of forgiveness.”


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