5 Premier League team to watch out for

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Though it is early to judge in the Premier league but this are 5 teams you should watch out for this season.

The Premier League has been given fans lot to talk about and lots of drama to talk about since it began.

Though teams have just played 5 games each and only the Gunners have won all their game in the league.

You might feel it is too early to judge teams but there are 5 team you need to look out for in the league presently.

  1. Manchester City: The Etihad side won the Premier League last season and now added signings that has made them more dangerous in the league. The Etihad side have won 4 out of their five games in the league and won heavily against Bournemouth and Nottingham Forest. Currently the team are the favourite to win the League this season.
  2. Arsenal: There is a different team in the Mikel Arteta side this season, not just their win alone but the way they play. The Gunners are now fun to watch and also show consistency in the Premier League. Though the team is yet to play a though game this season but with what they have shown so far they will definitely make the top this season.
  3. Tottenham: The London team under the management of Antonio Conte are really ready for the challenges of the Premier League with their signings and their performance in the League. Tottenham are also a strong team in the Premier League we need to watch out for.
  4. Manchester United: With the arrival of their new manager Erik Ten Hag the team are now showing sign of progress in the league. Though the team suffered defeat in their first two games in the Premier League but they have shown what they are capable of with a win against Liverpool, Southampton and Leicester City. Though the team still needs to improve in some areas but the team will definitely go far in the League.
  5. Liverpool: Liverpool like Manchester United also have a slow start in the Premier League, having played draw with Fulham, Southampton and also losing to Manchester United. The team is missing some players to injury but they will surely bounce back in the Premier League.



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