5 worst team in premier league game 5

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Nottingham Forest are heading to the forest, the Foxes are now like a toothless dog, while Chelsea’s Blues are fading away. Here 5 worst team in the Premier League game 5.

This is the Premier League game week 5 and there are teams that are the worst teams with their performance and result.

There are teams that have been struggling since day one of the league while some just have a bad result this week.

Here are worst 5 teams in the Premier League after the game week 5 match.

  1. Nottingham Forrest: After signing almost 19 players in the Premier League the newly promoted side didn’t show sign of recruitment against the defending champions. Nottingham Forest suffered a heavy 6-0 defeat to Manchester City in the Premier League. That’s huge for a team that have signed lots of players.
  2. Leicester City: The Foxes have continued their bad form in the Premier League following a 1-0 defeat to the Manchester United at home. A team that fought to get into the Europa League spot last season are now battling relegation after 5 matches in the Premier League. The Foxes are not behaving like a toothless dog.
  3. Chelsea: The Blues suffered another defeat in the Premier League against Southampton despite scoring first in the Premier League. The Blues can not get better control of their defense despite spending a lot on defense. It is now back to back defeat for the Blues in the Premier league and the colour blue is beginning to fade away.
  4. Aston Villa: Aston Villa looks promising last season after the arrival of Steven Gerrard but now the team is now in shamble after another defeat to Arsenal in the Premier League. The Lions in Villa can not roar and scare any team again, what a shame.
  5. Everton: When we thought Frank Lampard’s Everton will hold on to their lead after scoring first against Leeds United, then the Merseyside team showed that three points was too much for them as they threw their chance of getting a first win the Premier League into the garbage. The People’s club not making the people proud.

Here are the first worst teams after the Premier League game five.



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