Chelsea still a shadow of themselves

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Chelsea have turned from being one of the best team in Europe to one of the boring team to watch in the Premier League.

Chelsea might have came back from two goals down to beat West Ham in the League but they are still not good enough.

The Blues are getting boring to watch, as you might sleep on your couch while watching the terrible game play by the London club.

When Chelsea boss came in as their new manager replacing Frank Lampard, he stated that he wanted to create a team that teams will be scared of playing.

Yes, he did win the Champions League in his first season with the Blues, got into series of final in some competition but presently the team is not getting it.

Most people didn’t realize that the problem at Chelsea were revealing themselves gradually to the club last season following their consecutive lost in final to Liverpool.

Should we say it is because of the issue the then club owner, Roman Abramovic had with the United Kingdom government dropped the level of performance of the team?

To be honest that should not be an excuse for the team to lose two cup finals to Liverpool in a single year.

The likes of Toni Rudiger, Andreas Christensen and Romelu Lukaku left the club when they saw the fire on the mountain, ohh sorry, when they got better offer that suit their playing style and pocket.

Fast forward to this season, the Blues were agile in the Transfer market following the addition of better players, like one of Africa’s top defenders Koulibaly, former Manchester City player Raheem Sterling, Brighton defender Cucurela and recently added Aubameyang.

The team are showing sign of unseriousness on the pitch, finding it hard to break teams and losing games that were supposed to be won.

Most fans complained that the German machine, I mean the German manager Thomas Tuchel field 7 defensive minded players (so it is now you realize this)

But these has been one of his philosophies when he took over the London club and led them to win the Champions League.

Now the team lacks aggressive spirit of fighting to the end like they used to, what a shame.

Their defense now look terrible under a new defense minister Koulibaly and their attacks are not good enough, not sure it will get better when Aubameyang starts for the London club.

Their performance is not nothing to write home about.

Thomas Tuchel’s job would have been under fire if Roman Abramovic was still the owner of the club.

This is not the Chelsea we knew before, the Blues are really the shadow of themselves.






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