Andy Murray Optimistic for Wimbledon

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Andy Murray is filled with a strong sense of optimism as the highly anticipated Wimbledon event draws near.

Andy Murray, the former world No. 1, asserts that he is currently in his finest physical condition since undergoing hip surgery. With Wimbledon just around the corner, the 36-year-old three-time Grand Slam champion is preparing for a strong campaign.

Having undergone hip resurfacing surgery in 2019, Murray has managed to revive his career. Last month, he clinched the Aix-en-Provence Challenger Tour title, showcasing his capabilities.

However, his performances in tournaments such as Monte Carlo, Madrid, Rome, and Bordeaux were disappointing, leading to an early exit. Subsequently, he withdrew from the French Open.

Nonetheless, Murray triumphed in the Lexus Surbiton Trophy on Sunday, marking his first grass-court victory since 2016.

Continuing his momentum, Murray confidently advanced to the quarterfinals of the Rothesay Nottingham Open on Thursday. He secured a convincing 6-3, 7-5 win over Hugo Grenier, further affirming his readiness for the upcoming challenges.

“In terms of physically how I have been, the last six to nine months have been really good and that has been the best I have felt since my surgery, that is really positive,” Murray said.

“I am getting lots of matches in. I always feel really comfortable on the grass courts, so the next few weeks will be a good test for me.”

Murray expressed the challenge of evaluating his present playing level, acknowledging that going up against top-ranked players enables him to effectively showcase specific aspects of his game.

“It is really hard to say if I’m playing my best level overall,” Murray said. “I don’t know because, I mean absolutely no disrespect to the players I am playing against, I am aware they are very good players, but when you’re playing against guys who are in the top 10 in the world, they are able to expose certain things in your game a little bit more as well.”

Murray stated his utmost dedication as he strives to secure a seed for Wimbledon, scheduled from July 3rd to 16th. On Friday, he will face off against No. 8 seed Dominic Stricker and has plans to participate in the Queen’s Club Championships in the following week.


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